About BodyMind Fitness

What is the BodyMind Fitness Program?

BodyMind Fitness incorporates proven principles of personal training, physical therapy, proper nutrition, and mindfulness to offer you the complete package for your fitness goals, be they weight loss, more energy, rehabilitation from an injury, improved athletic performance, or simply greater overall health.

The BodyMind Fitness Philosophy

Your body is always informing you of its needs by way of various messages throughout the day, be they in the form of cravings for certain foods, pain or relief in certain muscles, or tightness or elasticity in certain joints. In order for your body to function properly, you must become aware and mindful of these messages and heed them, as they are indicators of your body’s dietary and exercise needs.

Listening to your body will enable you to not only prevent and avoid injury but to improve your athletic performance and energy levels by teaching you how to move properly, get into and stay in alignment, and activate the right muscles. Doing so provides your body with the conditions necessary for its optimum healing and athletic performance. Understood this way, exercise should never be a cause for injury of any kind, but should instead act as a cure for it.

The Benefits of Mindfulness

Through mindfulness, you can learn to become more present in your body and therefore more aware of your body’s health and fitness needs. By attaining this awareness of your body and also by learning how to interpret its messages, you can, in time, become an expert on your body. This is an incredibly empowering position in which you no longer need others to help you become healthier because you already have the insights necessary for your health and fitness optimization. This self-reliance is the ultimate goal that BodyMind Fitness has in mind for you. 

And it’s a goal that’s entirely possible for you.

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