Relieve Pain and Heal Injuries NOW

There Is Hope!

Having seen 5 orthopedics, undergone 2 surgeries, and worked with 4 physical therapists all the while remaining unhealed and even more debilitated because of the surgeries, the founder of BodyMind Fitness understands what it’s like to be injured and to feel like there is no hope for healing. But again, there is hope.


Because BodyMind Fitness’ founder was unwilling to settle with his pain and subsequent debilitation, he heavily researched and experimented until he found training methods that worked not only for him but for his clients as well . . . sometimes as quickly as the first session. These are the principles upon which your healing is based:

Mindfulness of the Body

By being aware of your body instead of lost in your thoughts, you are better able to feel what hurts and what helps your body. This makes you less blind to what your body needs for its healing. This is essential for healing.

A Holistic Understanding of the Body

While many orthopedics and physical therapists look only at the site of pain for problems, the site of the pain is often not the source of the pain, which is largely the reason why many clients remain unhealed even after surgeries and extensive physical therapy work. Thus, the whole body must be assessed, and all the body’s major problems must be treated for true healing.

Consistent but Non-Intense Training

Just like learning any skill, one must train consistently to learn how to use the body in the way it’s meant to be used so that one both cures current pain and prevents future pain. Intensity should not be integrated into workouts until proper movement patterns, form, and muscle activation are first established.

A Guide to Help You

Again, just like learning any difficult skill, a guide is almost always essential for success, especially given how painful and emotionally-draining rehabilitation can be.

Are you in pain? Are you injured? Let BodyMind Fitness be your guide! Click here for a free consultation NOW!