Services and Pricing

BodyMind Fitness offers you a combination of personal training, nutritional counseling, and mindfulness guidance so as to provide you the complete package for your health and fitness needs. Given BodyMind Fitness’ unique approach to training and implementation of mindfulness and meditation, BodyMind Fitness soars where many personal trainers and fitness coaches do not.

Whether your goals are weight loss, nutritional counseling, rehabilitation from pain or injury, enhanced athletic performance, or simply more body awareness, BodyMind Fitness can make your goals your reality.

“I have been working with various personal trainers over the last 20 years, and though all of them were very good, working with Benjamin has been an entirely different experience: one that has changed my life. From the first session, I was amazed – within 24 hours my back pain decreased by almost 80 percent! If you are looking for someone who has your entire body’s health in mind, regardless of your level of fitness, Benjamin is a trainer well-seasoned in mindfulness and healing.”

–Fred B., 61


Service Fee
Initial Phone Call Complimentary
One In-Person Session* $100**
Package of 3 sessions $270
Package of 5 Sessions $425
Package of 10 sessions $800
Group Sessions* $60 for 2 people, $50 for 3***
Online Sessions* $60/session
Customized Fitness Program, Instructions Included
Nutritional Guidelines/Diet Included


*Sessions are one hour long.

**Payment for any session is required in advance per a client agreement.

***If you are a group of 4 or more people, please contact BodyMind Fitness for the pricing.


“I can honestly say that without Benjamin, my life would be so terribly different. Because of his amazing personal training skills, I lost the weight I had been so desperate to lose, I found a genuine confidence in myself, I learned to love working out and I discovered how eating well and balanced can make huge differences in not only my physical being, but my mental being as well. I know it sounds weird to say someone made it so you could be happy with life, but I really can say, that I wouldn’t be this happy and successful in life if I wouldn’t have had Benjamin as a trainer! Thank you Benjamin!”

–Kylee S., 24


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