Mindfulness and Fitness

As many of you know, I was initially hesitant to be as forward as I am in my business about my emphasis on mindfulness in regards to fitness. I was worried that doing so might give the inaccurate impression that I have more of a “hippie” approach to health and fitness than a realistic and scientific one, especially since I’ve lived in a Buddhist Monastery. However, the reality of health and fitness is that your awareness of your body has a gigantic impact on your body’s health. 

Essentially, if you’re not paying attention to your body, then it will function about as well as anything else that you don’t pay attention to: badly! For some reason, however, many of us never even stop to think that our bodies need our attention in order to work properly. After years or even decades of this neglect, our bodies develop various problems, and when they do, we are shocked and even outraged, wondering in anger or agony, “Why me?” or “How could this happen to me?”

While I always respond sympathetically to such cries of distress, I usually tell people when they’re ready that, given their often-lifelong neglect of their bodies, they should feel immense gratitude for their bodies for having not developed problems earlier given the abuse and neglect their bodies endured over the years. Indeed, while they are now angry with their bodies, if they allow themselves to step back and look at their situation rationally, they’ll likely see that their bodies have been a wonderful friend to them, suffering years of abuse while yet allowing them to continue on with their lives for periods as long as decades before causing them problems. Honestly, does anyone have a friend that is so loyal?

So, starting today, try slowing down a bit to feel into your body and to get acquainted with how it works and what your body is telling you about its dietary, alignment, and exercise needs. Not only will you likely prevent all sorts of problems, pains, injuries, and diseases, but you may very well be happier, too.

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