Mindfulness and BodyMind Fitness

Listening to Your Body

Based on the principles of mindfulness, BodyMind Fitness can teach you to be more aware of your body in order to listen to your body’s needs.

When you feel hunger, is it actually hunger you’re feeling, or is it thirst, or is it actually your mind’s attempt to escape boredom?

When you feel pain while working out, is it muscle pain or joint pain?

Is the pain you’re feeling located in the muscle you’re trying to train, or do you feel the pain in a different muscle group?

By being aware of such things, you naturally start doing what is conducive for your body’s health. You eat the right foods, train the right muscles, use good form, and adjust your training program according to how your body feels. Is your body tight in a certain place? Does a certain muscle group feel weak? If so, you’ll learn to recognize these feelings and how to train in order to solve these problems.

In other words, you’ll become an expert on your body. This is the ultimate goal of BodyMind Fitness.

In so doing, your energy levels will naturally rise, your sleep patterns will normalize, aches and pains will go away, excess fat will disappear, and your mind will become calmer. Again, by learning to become consistently mindful of your body, and also by learning health advice that actually works, your body’s overall health will dramatically improve in many ways.

In developing a greaer mind-body connection, you may also find that you are more in touch with your emotions, more centered, and even more insightful about your happiness.

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