Luna Sandals

As all of my clients know, I am a huge advocate of minimalist running, which is based on the philosophy that the foot, like every other muscle group, needs to be adequately trained in order to function properly. Since most modern footwear provides so much protection for the foot, the foot barely has any opportunity to activate its muscles, so its muscles shrink. This is VERY problematic. Because the feet are what make contact with the ground first and since the rest of the body is positioned on top of the feet, the structure, movement, and alignment of the feet determine much of the structure, movement, and alignment of the rest of the body.

That said, training the feet is VITAL to the health of your knees, hips, back, and even your shoulders and neck. Training the feet also makes exercising a heck of lot more fun and gives you far more strength, speed, and endurance than you’ve likely every had.

To train your feet, you might consider grabbing a pair of Luna sandals, which are created by the famous Barefoot Ted and modeled after the world-renowned Tarahumara, a Native American People located in Mexico who regularly run distances of 50 or more miles well into their 70’s . . . literally. Sound too crazy to be true? Grab a copy of Born to Run and give it a read. What’s one of the Tarahumara’s secrets? Running with sandals that allow them to emulate barefoot running. Given that Luna sandals are modeled after these sandals, check them out here: