Interview with Paula Vail on Voice America

Hi, all! As many of you know, I was asked to speak on Voice America with the one and only Paula Vail about my approach to health and how I integrate mindfulness into both exercise and nutrition. Most of you who already train with me will have heard much of this information already, but it would still benefit you to hear these important insights about your health yet one more time. I’ll be quizzing you after all (and no, it won’t be multiple choice, so you’d BETTER study).

For those of you who are new here, give the show a quick listen! Are you getting ready for a drive and would like something to listen to? I guarantee you that this interview will be far more valuable to you than hearing that Justin Bieber song for the 18th time that you probably never liked all that much in the first place. Or maybe you do like it, but you just don’t want to admit it. Either way, you won’t regret sacrificing an 18th listen to his song for this interview.

But on a serious note, are you interested in a new approach to health that might be just the thing you’re looking for? Are you interested in learning how healthy living can be effortless — yes, EFFORTLESS? Then again, give the show a listen. At worst, you will have heard some awesome information. At best, you’ll start training with me, get in the best shape of your life, win a gold medal six months after (hey, you’ll be so good that the Olympics will schedule its events around YOUR schedule), and you’ll redefine the limits of human athleticism. Then again . . . maybe you’ll just get those twenty pounds off that you’ve been wanting to lose, and you’ll simultaneously learn a healthy lifestyle that’s both enjoyable and sustainable. Either way, I’d say you can’t go wrong. Right? Right.

As usual, all the best, everyone. 🙂