Get Your Blood Work

Get your blood work done in order to check your hormone, vitamin, and mineral levels, as well as to simply check up on the basic functioning of your body. I have had several clients who had difficulty losing weight and, after getting their blood work done, found out that their testosterone levels were low or that they had thyroid issues. They accordingly fixed the problem and were shortly thereafter able to lose weight at a normal rate!

If you are low on certain vitamins or minerals, TALK TO ME. What makes the BodyMind Fitness Program effective is not that it’s magic but that BodyMind Fitness takes into account all aspects of your fitness and responds accordingly. Thus. as you may have read in multiple places on the company website, BodyMind Fitness is a comprehensive program. 

This tip may seem overly simple, but checking blood work has done wonders for people and has even saved lives by helping doctors detect deadly illnesses early enough to cure them.