Finding Your Trainer

Where Do I Find the Trainer I Want?

When looking for a personal trainer, fitness coach, or nutrition counselor, it can be overwhelming to find the right person amidst the hundreds of online professionals. To make things more difficult, many of these professionals have differing opinions, yet many of them claim to be a top expert in the field and that science supports their contradicting views. It is for this reason that many people choose a personal trainer at well-known local gyms, as it naturally seems as though these established organizations will offer the best and most reliable trainers.

Unfortunately, this is often not the case.

Indeed, many of these gyms are highly profit-driven, taking cuts so large from their trainers that many of them barely earn minimum wage. Therefore, the trainers who offer exceptional value tend to leave these gyms, and those who don’t tend to stay. This creates a high turnover rate, and because many of these gyms require their clients to sign long-term contracts, these clients are forced to pay for the rest of their training even though they might have a new trainer as often as every week.

This utter disarray leads to inconsistent training, miscommunication, confusion, and frustration. Clients then become understandably embittered, having spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars with almost nothing to show for it.

Matching Client’s Needs with Exceptional Training

BodyMind Fitness will absolve you of these problems. With BodyMind Fitness, clients receive consistent, expert training and nutritional counseling, as well as mindfulness training. Furthermore, clients do not need to sign contracts to enroll with BodyMind Fitness. This means that clients can pay for as little or as much training and nutritional counseling as they would like, thus making training as affordable as possible.

Additionally, with BodyMind Fitness, clients receive guidance that, well, actually works. Clients really do lose the fat they want to lose, cure the pain they want to cure, gain the muscle they want to gain, and/or add the miles to their runs they want to add. Click here for the testimonials to prove it.

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