Advice for Beginners 3/3

Beginning an entire diet and exercise regimen can be overwhelming, especially given the amount of information and differing opinions about fitness. To make matters worse, you also have to deal with the fact that dieting and exercising are, well, hard (though they do get easier as time goes on). Given these difficulties, it’s of no wonder that so many beginners feel discouraged and unmotivated about their fitness. If you are struggling with your fitness program, then try the this:

Don’t Do Anything Weird or Extreme.

I always tell my clients that if something sounds weird or extreme, then it probably is. Moderation is always the key. If your fitness regimen isn’t working, then educate yourself on what’s going wrong and fix it instead of taking your program to an extreme. “The Biggest Loser” may be an entertaining TV show, but it’s hardly conducive to long-term health and sustainable healthy living. Again, always be moderate.