Diet Correctly NOW

Is Dieting Really Supposed to be Miserable?

Contrary to popular opinion, your body’s cravings for unhealthy food are not urges which you must forcefully suppress for the rest of your life if you want to stay or become healthy.  Instead, they’re your body’s messages about what nutrients it needs. 


Indeed, the very thing that makes a healthy diet healthy is that it is based on your body’s real biological needs, not on the hundreds of extreme diet fads that permeate the fitness industry. When a diet meets your body’s needs, your body no longer craves unhealthy food, so the exhausting battle against intense, never-ending cravings for unhealthy food is finally over.

In general, a great way to know if you are dieting correctly is if you no longer crave unhealthy food. If you do, then you’re probably not eating as you should.Indeed, a truly healthy body doesn’t crave unhealthy food any more than it craves bruises, cuts, or broken bones.

Thus, a healthy diet is sustainable because, well, unlike a typical diet, it isn’t miserable. While this may sound unbelievable, BodyMind Fitness can teach you a way of eating that does more than help you lose weight and/or gain muscle. This diet also helps to free you from the desire to cheat in the first place, thus ensuring you a nutrition program that can last you a lifetime.

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