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I can honestly say that without Benjamin, my life would be so terribly different. Because of his amazing personal training skills, I lost the weight I had been so desperate to lose, I found a genuine confidence in myself, I learned to love working out and I discovered how eating well and balanced can make huge differences in not only my physical being, but my mental being as well. I know it sounds weird to say someone made it so you could be happy with life, but I really can say, that I wouldn’t be this happy and successful in life if I wouldn’t have had Benjamin as a trainer! Thank you Benjamin!”

–Kylee S., 24

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By following Benjamin’s direction, I lost 30 pounds, and to be honest, I haven’t looked this good since I was in my 30’s. While I have had other trainers over the years, Benjamin is by far the most knowledgeable, personable, and caring trainer with whom I have associated. Benjamin’s knowledge of anatomy, strength training, and nutrition made it possible for him to design a fitness and nutrition plan that was personalized to my needs and led to amazing results. Equally important, however, was Benjamin’s focus on applying the principle of mindfulness to exercise and nutrition, as doing so helped me overcome existing injuries, prevent further injury, and lose weight faster. I highly recommend Benjamin to anyone considering a personal trainer or fitness coach.

–Dale K., 64

I’ve had three trainers, and out of all of them, Benjamin was the best. My nagging back pain began disappearing only a few weeks after training with Benjamin, and gradually I was able to do exercises I never would’ve been able to do when I began training with him. Benjamin helped me lose weight faster than the other trainers, gave me training programs more specialized to my specific needs, and offered helpful guidance on proper form that no one else had offered. I highly recommend him.

–Michael C., 44

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