Myths About Weight Loss 3/3

Myth: Carbs make you fat.
Truth: Eh, not necessarily.

Carbs do not inherently make you fat. This myth likely arose from the Atkins Diet, which has been effective for many people not because it’s a low-carb diet but because it’s a low-CALORIE diet. When you consume less calories than your body burns, you’ll lose weight. It’s as simple as that. However, the type of weight you’ll lose depends on the type of food you eat. Thus, by consuming less calories than your body burns, while you may lose a lot of weight, the weight you lose may be pure muscle if you’ve eaten unhealthily. So, to lose fat, you still must eat healthy food. This includes healthy proteins and, believe it or not, both healthy fats AND healthy carbs. Carbs which are processed are unhealthy. This includes anything from fast food restaurants and foods like white bread, white pasta, white rice, and most tortillas.

Remember, carbs are primarily used for energy, so be smart about consuming them: if you’re not exercising, don’t eat many carbs. If you are exercising, well, then make sure you’re eating your carbs! But again, keep the carbs healthy, or else you’ll essentially be putting unusable carbs into your body, and they’ll lead to fat gain, stress on the digestive system, and, well, more time spent on the toilet.