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By following Benjamin’s direction, I lost 30 pounds, and to be honest, I haven’t looked this good since I was in my 30’s. While I have had other trainers over the years, Benjamin is by far the most knowledgeable, personable, and caring trainer with whom I have associated. Benjamin’s knowledge of anatomy, strength training, and nutrition made it possible for him to design a fitness and nutrition plan that was personalized to my needs and led to amazing results.  Equally important, however, was Benjamin’s focus on applying the principle of mindfulness to exercise and nutrition, as doing so helped me overcome existing injuries, prevent further injury, and lose weight faster. I highly recommend Benjamin to anyone considering a personal trainer or fitness coach.

–Dale K., 64

I’ve had three trainers, and out of all of them, Benjamin was the best. My nagging back pain began disappearing only a few weeks after training with Benjamin, and gradually I was able to do exercises I never would’ve been able to do when I began training with him. Benjamin helped me lose weight faster than the other trainers, gave me training programs more specialized to my specific needs, and offered helpful guidance on proper form that no one else had offered. I highly recommend him.

–Michael C., 44

Benjamin is a unique and one-of-a-kind trainer. He addresses concerns of pain, nutrition, stretching, and natural ways to increase health and wellness. His workouts vary for individual needs, and even more to address needs of a particular day. In some sessions, the goal shifted if I was experiencing any type of pain, which helped tremendously. If you are experiencing any kind of pain, commit yourself to sessions with Benjamin before you take other routes to help yourself. You will absolutely be more than satisfied with your experience, and the results.

–Linda G., 48

I have been working with various personal trainers over the last 20 years, and though all of them were very good and focused on my workout regimen, working with Benjamin has been an entirely different experience: one that has changed my life. From the first session, I was amazed – within 24 hours my back pain decreased by almost 80 percent! If you are looking for someone who has your entire body’s health in mind, regardless of your level of fitness, Benjamin is a trainer well-seasoned in mindfulness and healing.

–Fred B., 61

Benjamin worked with me for a summer and he got me into the best shape of my life. He taught me that working out is more than just lifting heavy things and sweating—it’s about mastering proper technique to achieve the best results. He was a genius at finding the right exercises to help me grow. He works hard, and he inspired me to work hard.  Not only is he a great instructor, he’s fun to be around. I met my wife that summer, and she appreciated Benjamin’s training as much as I did. Hiring Benjamin is a no-brainer.

–Shae M., 26

Benjamin was the first trainer who fully assessed my body and gave me a program based on my needs. With the cartilage worn out in my knees and with my diabetes, finding a trainer who was able to create workouts specific to me was very difficult, but Benjamin did it. He responded to my physical condition each day, and he quickly got an idea of my strengths and weaknesses. Within only a few sessions, my balance improved (which helped my dizziness and headaches), my pain in my knees subsided, and I was eating cleaner. Furthermore, Benjamin took a genuine interest in me as a person, which helped me feel appreciated and made our sessions very enjoyable for me even though I do not usually enjoy working out. 

–Tim M., 63

I can honestly say that without Benjamin, my life would be so terribly different. Because of his amazing personal training skills, I lost the weight I had been so desperate to lose, I found a genuine confidence in myself, I learned to love working out and I discovered how eating well and balanced can make huge differences in not only my physical being, but my mental being as well. I know it sounds weird to say someone made it so you could be happy with life, but I really can say, that I wouldn’t be this happy and successful in life if I wouldn’t have had Benjamin as a trainer! Thank you Benjamin!

–Kylee S., 24

My muscles, especially in my legs and hips, have been extremely tight since I was a kid. Coupled with many years of running and cycling, I developed knee and hip pain, which physical therapy did not help. In four sessions with Benjamin, however, my posture had improved dramatically. The stretching/exercise program he designed for me significantly decreased my hip pain, increased my range of motion, helped me relax, and most importantly, helped me become more aware of my body. He contacts me between sessions to ask about my routine and encourages me at every opportunity. Benjamin shows a genuine interest in partnering with his clients to make important improvements to the quality of their lives.

–Rick B., 53

Even though I really wanted to go right into hard workouts, Benjamin first had me focus on proper form and my body’s alignment so that I would set a better foundation for my workouts. After our initial alignment phase, I added 40 pounds to by bench press in a month. I saw an equal strength increase in my back workouts. Needless to say, his training methods work. Additionally, he had no problem spending extra time with me for no extra cost when he had the time. He cared about me and his workouts did the job. He’s a great trainer. 

–Greg H., 24

I became interested in body-building and added a good deal of muscle mass to my body, but after awhile, I plateaued. Training with Benjamin helped me break through that plateau because he showed me techniques and training methods I had never thought of that proved highly effective. Within a month, I put on 5 pounds of muscle. 

–Aaron K., 28

“I have worked with Benjamin for several years, and he has helped me in my fitness journey by teaching me how to take care of my body, how to work out properly, and simply being an inspiration for me to always push myself to become better, both mentally and physically. I can proudly say he has got the right attitude and skills necessary to also help other individuals change their life NOW and give them a better future in taking care of their body. We only live once in our life and so we must take care of what is most important here on this earth!”

–Ian R., 27

Personal, sensitive, and holistic!  I have not only benefited from Benjamin’s knowledge, but his ability to assess first and next steps to helping me reach my goals. Customized training and guidance from workout to meals!  Five stars!

–Lennie G., 53

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